Friday, 3 June 2011


up and biked in to work this morning. Realised that it was only my brain that was tired and in terms of exercise it is not required and can therefore go take a flying ...

Tried something new on the way in today. Intervals. Interval training is perhaps the best way to get your body to burn off fat. It doesn't take long to do and will have the body chew through fat reserves for about 36 hours afterwards. Not a bad return for 20 mins of work. Basically I'm going to start throwing structured sprint sets into my commute to work. Blast it for 30 secs (ramp it up to very nearly the max), cruise for a minute (but not slack) then repeat. Did 3 sets this morning and hope to build up to 6-8. It also gets me places faster as evidenced by the 'Out' time.

Out - 22:47
In - 20:43

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