Sunday, 20 February 2011

Vaguely irritated

So I head up to training yesterday with the idea of getting in a good 3 hours of exercise. This sounds more impressive than it really is. It's martial arts training and I'm the instructor so it's not really that sustained or energetic for me unless I really push myself at it. I was planning to yesterday and suddenly found myself mightily annoyed as the training session was cancelled. We only had 1hour total.

I was not the only person to be a little put out but I was able to kick it quite hard for the 1 hour that we did have.

At some point today I shall be getting the weights out for a bit of a session. When I was in New Zealand I was unable to afford a gym membership so I bought a stack of weights for use at home. They were shipped back to the UK on my return and have been in storage. I got them out a few weeks back and have been gradually building up in their use.

1 of the handy things about increased muscle mass is that it takes more energy to supply them with fuel, in other words, the more muscle you have the more calories you can burn off by merely breathing. However, I have no intention of turning into a walking wall of muscle. My target weight is 12 stone. I'm currently heading for 14.

Why 12 stone?

Over the years I have discovered that 12 stone is the perfect weight for me, provided it is made up mostly of muscle. The reason being that if I bulk up beyond that then I'm start to slow down due to the increased muscle mass, any less and I loose the power that is associated with it. As a martial artist these are 2 massively important factors for me to consider. Hence, 12 stone.

With that said I think I'm going to head out shortly on a run.

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