Wednesday, 9 February 2011


I despise working until 5pm. That's why I wake up at 6:30am every morning. I'm in work an hour later and get paid a daily rate. This means I can leave at 3:30 and be home by 4. Depending on how much energy I have that day I either have time for breakfast or not. If I don't have breakfast then I face one of the toughest challenges of my weight loss day.

The work canteen.

They do a full cooked breakfast, more importantly they also provide rolls and it's self service. This led to a habit of having a sausage roll and a bacon roll for breakfast most mornings. It only cost £2 as well. This has led to an expansion of the waistline.

Happily they also make porridge. Porridge is 50p for a huge polystyrene cup of it, so it's healthier and cheaper but lets face it, bacon tastes so good. If you disagree you are simply wrong.

My daily battle then can consist of going into the canteen to get porridge which is horribly located beside the fried food. It's tough, especially for a dyed in the wool carnivore like myself. More often than not I am able to win this battle. Today was tough though, what can I say, I want a bacon buttie. They taste sooooo good.

Today I won the battle, tomorrow I might lose, what's important though is that I win the war.

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  1. It's really hard when everyone else is eating bacon. I feel your pain!!!